The Access to Justice Project

ACLRC is committed to advancing access to justice. Our work is focused on two initiatives: 

  1. Increasing public knowledge and education about rights, the justice system and relevant procedures (available here); and
  2. Mapping the existing research to summarize its findings and facilitate further research efforts.  

The links below relate to the second of these goals: ACLRC's research mapping project.  

How to Use ACLRC's Mapping Project?

The links below are meant to provide an overview of the key access to justice issues facing Albertans today. They provide information on the current state of the law, and flag areas of development and future exploration.

At the end of each written segment, there is a link to an annotated bibliography which summarizes the sources ACLRC has reviewed. We invite you to download these notes and use them to build your own research projects on this critical issue. 

Access to justice is an issue that ought to be on the minds of all Albertans. We at ACLRC believe that, with more voices, we will able to effect meaningful change in this vital area.

ACLRC's work on Access to Justice would not be possible without the assistance of our dedicated volunteers, as well as our articling and summer students. Please click here for more information on the volunteers who assisted in this project.