ACLRC would not be able to do its work without the generous support of our funders and supporters. We thank them for their continued dedication to our mission.

The Alberta Law Foundation

The Alberta Law Foundation was established under the Legal Professionals Act, effective April 1, 1973. The Foundation is the recipient of the interest which banks, credit unions, trust companies, and treasury branches must pay on clients' funds held in lawyers' general trust accounts. This does not include interest paid on a specific trust investment held for an individual client. The interest is made available by the Foundation by way of grants to organizations engaged in activities which are considered to be in keeping with the Foundation's objects.


Alberta Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund

The Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund (the Fund) supports the Alberta Government's efforts to foster equality, promote fairness, and encourage the creation of inclusive workplaces and communities.  The Fund supports the human rights and diversity work of community organizations and educational initiative undertaken by the Alberta Human Rights Commission.